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This is the assessment unit of the Italian course "Benvenuti in Italia! Orientarsi con l'italiano part 1".

In this final assessment unit you will meet Patricia and Tom and you will test your skills.

Patricia and Tom are two Erasmus students in Bologna. In the following exercises they will introduce themselves, along with their families and friends, and they will carry out some actions.
Complete the exercises to see what you remember about the things that you have learnt in the previous units of this course.

Remember that the Certificate of Accomplishment for this course will be released if you have answered correctly to at least 60% of the evaluated questions (i.e. the Homework, that is the final quizzes that you found at the end of each unit, and this Final Assessment unit). The Homework, as a whole, weighs 20% of the final score; the Final Assessment weighs 80% of the final score. Remember also that the system will record the result of your final attempt, not the best of your attempts.

Ready? Go!