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This course introduces the key theories, concepts, models and approaches related to Strategy at a Corporate, Business and Functional/Operational level.

Introduction to Management Engineering series

This MOOC is part of the Introduction to Management Engineering series, which is designed to introduce prospect master students and people interested in managerial disciplines into the key fundamentals of Management Engineering. Through an analytical and engineering approach, the series provides basic concepts and language in the areas of Strategy, Economics, Financial Accounting, Organization, and Operations Management.

The series is the result of a collaborative design between METID, the service of Politecnico di Milano devoted to e-learning and e-collaboration, and the Study Course in Management Engineering.

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Course Description

Strategy is an all-embracing term that broadly refers to decision-making at both an Individual level – dealing with how we make personal choices in varied settings – and a Business & Management level –focusing on how individuals grouped in organizations or companies make decisions about successfully running an entrepreneurial endeavor.

This course will start from discussing the elements of the Individual level of Strategy decision-making process, to then focus on the Business level.

In Business & Management, Strategy is fundamentally a quest for sustained superior performance compared to competitors.

Strategists working in either incumbent companies or startups ultimately and systematically aim at outperforming rivals, by creating and sustaining what is traditionally called a competitive advantage.

To achieve such overarching goal, they have to deeply analyze and understand the competitive environment their companies operate in, by investigating the factors responsible for their firm’s past performance and by spotting those changes (inside or outside the firm) that are most likely to enhance or hurt future performance.

This course addresses this reality head-on, by examining the fundamental conditions that enable a firm to conceive, formulate, and sustain a superior strategic position. In particular, we will focus on introducing the key theories, concepts, models and approaches strategist may leverage to perform:

  1. the analysis of the various external and environmental factors that impact the firm at a Business Strategy level, representing opportunities or threats;
  2. the assessment of a company’s internal sources of competitive advantage or disadvantage at a Business Strategy level, embodied in its strengths and weaknesses;
  3. the formulation and assessment of a Business Strategy to achieve and sustain competitive advantage at an industry level;
  4. the creation and evaluation of a firm’s Business portfolio at a Corporate Strategy level.

You can access the course absolutely free of charge and completely online.


No formal knowledge is required.

Discussion forum

The forum of this MOOC is freely accessible and participation is not guided; you can use it to compare yourself with other participants, or to discuss course contents with them.

Quizzes and scores

The course is organized into different weeks and modules. At the end of each module, you will find a quiz to check your understanding.

Certificate of Accomplishment

The Certificate of Accomplishment will be released to anyone who successfully completed the course by answering correctly to at least 60% of the questions by the end of the edition. You will be able to download the Certificate of Accomplishment directly on the website.

Pay attention: the certificate will be generated only after the closing of the edition. In order to view and download it you will have to wait a few days after the end date.

The Certificate of Accomplishment does not confer any academic credit, grade or degree.


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Course Faculty

Antonio Ghezzi

Antonio Ghezzi

Antonio Ghezzi, Ph.D., is currently Professor of Strategy & Marketing at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano – Italy; Professor of Strategy & Startups and member of the core faculty at MIP – Graduate School of Business; and Research Head of the Hi-tech Startups Observatory - Digital Innovation Observatories. His main research field are Corporate and Business Strategy, Business Model Design & Innovation, Digital Strategy, Strategic Entrepreneurship and Incumbent-Startups strategic collaboration. He is author of more than 100 academic publications appearing in scientific journals (like the International Journal of Management Reviews, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, R&D Management and Management Decision), conference proceedings, books and book chapters. You can reach him on LinkedIn (Antonio Ghezzi – Politecnico di Milano) and Twitter (AntonioGhezzi83).

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    set 25, 2017
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    gen 28, 2018
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    4-5 hours/week
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