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Politecnico di Milano

Being a researcher (in Information Science and Technology)

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Research methodology, pragmatics, ethics

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Course description

The course provides a broad view of how to become and progress as a researcher. It spans over a wide range of topics, from the historical development of scientific thought to research methodology, to the pragmatics of publication, research funding, evaluation, and promotion in a researcher’s career. It also stresses the ethical aspects of research. Although the course speaks about scientific research in general, it especially focuses on the field on Information and Communication Science and Technology.

You can access the course absolutely free of charge and completely online.

The course materials will still be available to all registered users, even after the closing of the edition.

Further editions of this course will be activated each academic year.


No prerequisite knowledge is required.

Discussion forum

The forum of this MOOC is freely accessible and participation is not guided; you can use it to compare yourself with other participants, or to discuss course contents with them.

Quizzes and scores

The course is organized into different weeks and modules. At the end of each week, you will find a quiz to check your understanding. The final grade for the course will be calculated based on your performance in the weekly quizzes.

Certificate of Accomplishment

The Certificate of Accomplishment will be released to anyone who successfully completed the course by answering correctly to at least 60% of the questions by the end of the edition. You will be able to download the Certificate of Accomplishment directly on the website.

Once you have successfully passed the course, you can request the Certificate of Accomplishment without waiting for the end of the edition.

The Certificate of Accomplishment does not confer any academic credit, grade or degree.


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Course Faculty

Carlo Ghezzi

Carlo Ghezzi

Carlo Ghezzi is an Emeritus Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He has a long experience as an educator, as a researcher, and as a supervisor and mentor of young researchers. He is an ACM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, a member of the European Academy of Sciences, and of the Italian Academy of Sciences—Istituto Lombardo. He received the Outstanding Research Award from the ACM Special Interest Group in Software Engineering.

He has been on numerous international editorial boards of journals and conference committees. He has also been a member of numerous international research evaluation committees. His research has focused on different aspects of software engineering. He co-authored over 200 papers and 8 books. He supervised 25 PhD students and mentored several post-docs. He coordinated several national and international research projects.

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    Jan 25, 2021
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    Oct 03, 2021
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    6 Weeks
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    4-5 hours/week
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