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Politecnico di Milano

MOOCs to bridge the gaps ...

Polimi Open Knowledge is the MOOC programme of Politecnico di Milano.

MOOCs for Students

  • MOOCs For Bachelor of science

    Improve your preparation for Bachelor of Science or consolidate your high school skills before starting your courses at Politecnico di Milano.

  • MOOCs For Master of science

    Improve your preparation for Master of Science or align your skills to the ones required by Politecnico di Milano.

  • From University to job

    Strengthen and enahnce your soft skills to smooth your step into the job scene.

MOOCs for All

  • MOOCs For Citizens

    To open up the expertise of Politecnico di Milano for the benefit of a general audience, promoting conscious citizenship in compliance with the third mission of universities.

  • MOOCs For Teachers

    To support teaching innovation in both Higher Education institutions and schools.

  • MOOCs For Researchers

    To support researcher to develop trasversal skills useful for their activities.